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$ sdiff -B -b -s A1 A2 | wc $ sdiff -B -b -s A1 A2 | wc会给你多少行不同。 WC给总,只是分。



 #!/bin/bash # walk through all files in the current dir (and subdirs) # and compare them with other files, showing percentage # of duplication. # which type files to compare? # (wouldn't make sense to compare binary formats) ext="txt" # support filenames with spaces: IFS=$(echo -en "\n\b") working_dir="$PWD" working_dir_name=$(echo $working_dir | sed 's|.*/||') all_files="$working_dir/../$working_dir_name-filelist.txt" remaining_files="$working_dir/../$working_dir_name-remaining.txt" # get information about files: find -type f -print0 | xargs -0 stat -c "%s %n" | grep -v "/\." | \ grep "\.$ext" | sort -nr > $all_files cp $all_files $remaining_files while read string; do fileA=$(echo $string | sed 's/.[^.]*\./\./') tail -n +2 "$remaining_files" > $remaining_files.temp mv $remaining_files.temp $remaining_files # remove empty lines since they produce false positives sed '/^$/d' $fileA > tempA echo Comparing $fileA with other files... while read string; do fileB=$(echo $string | sed 's/.[^.]*\./\./') sed '/^$/d' $fileB > tempB A_len=$(cat tempA | wc -l) B_len=$(cat tempB | wc -l) differences=$(sdiff -B -s tempA tempB | wc -l) common=$(expr $A_len - $differences) percentage=$(echo "100 * $common / $B_len" | bc) if [[ $percentage -gt 15 ]]; then echo " $percentage% duplication in" \ "$(echo $fileB | sed 's|\./||')" fi done < "$remaining_files" echo " " done < "$all_files" rm tempA rm tempB rm $all_files rm $remaining_files