ruby网/ SSH通道死亡?

我试图将input和处理分成两部分,以便不必指定提示(如wait_for)。 问题是,接收到的命令从未处理过。 通道进程是从get_input线程调用的(它在on_process中打印puts),但什么也没有发生。


ENV['PATH'] = 'H:\mydocu~1\usrbin\ansi140\x86;' + ENV['PATH'] `ansicon.exe -p` require 'net/ssh' hostname = "server" username = "user" password = "password" @data = '' @print = true @cmd = '' #clear the log'ssh_command.log', 'w') {|f| f.write('')} get_input = { while true @cmd = nonblocking_stdin_gets exit if @cmd.strip == "Q"'ssh_command.log', 'a+') { |f| f.write("{#{@cmd}}") } if @cmd.rstrip != '' or @cmd =~ /\r?\n/ puts "sending..." @print = false @openchannel.process end end } if RUBY_PLATFORM =~ /win32/ require 'Win32API' $win32_console_kbhit ="msvcrt", "_kbhit", [], 'I') def console_input_ready? $ != 0 end def nonblocking_stdin_gets sleep(0.1) until console_input_ready? $stdin.gets # don't bother to use getc, it also blocks until user hits <return> end else def nonblocking_stdin_gets $stdin.gets # it just works, on unix end end @openchannel = nil Net::SSH.start(hostname, username, :password => password) do |session| @openchannel = session.open_channel do |channel| channel.on_data do |ch, data| @data += data end channel.on_extended_data do |ch, type, data| puts "got stderr: #{data}" end channel.on_request "exit-status" do |ch, data| puts "process terminated with exit status: #{data.read_long}" end channel.on_open_failed { |ch, code, desc| puts "err: #{desc}" } # must come before shell channel.request_pty :term => "xterm" do |ch, success| if success puts "pty successfully obtained" else puts "could not obtain pty" end end channel.send_channel_request "shell" do |ch, success| if success puts "user shell started successfully" else puts "could not start user shell" end end channel.on_eof do |ch| puts "remote end is done sending data" end channel.on_close do |ch| puts "channel is closing!" end channel.on_process do |ch| print @data if @print puts "command:#{@cmd}" if @cmd.rstrip != '' or @cmd =~ /\r?\n/ #system("cls") channel.send_data(@cmd.rstrip + "\r\n") @cmd = '' @print = true else puts "no command" end end end #channel_end session.loop end #session_end 

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